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Im outta here.

2012-05-03 05:47:10 by RuinerXP

I have come to realize that my animations will not do well here so I will not upload stuff on NG anymore. I am still pretty new about the animation things but I love it anyways. Though I will keep on posting them on youtube whenever I am done with a new episode.

My channel on Youtube is RuinerXP just like here so come on there if you wish to see more. bye


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2012-05-03 14:12:31

Well, I never blammed your first submission. Only a fool would think you didn't try. Maybe the limbs and heads should be connected... maybe when ppl see that, it looks too old school.
I thought your work and subject matter were awesome, especially the accuracy of the fight sequence. People don't understand how much effort it takes to do frame by frame stuff, so maybe the tweens took away from the work?
I really hope no one insulted you or your work - they both have merit. In time, your full potential will be realized, then you'll be asking ppl to be patient for new episodes!

RuinerXP responds:

Thanks for saying that, I really appriciate it :') The problem is that I dont work much with Swf Files so that makes it hard to upload stuff here. I usually export it into a editing program and do some effects and sound effects from there. The first 4 episodes that I uploaded is from about 2-3 years back and I wasnt very good at animating. About the limbs and heads, that was the only animating style that I knew so I just went with it. You are more then welcome to follow my work on Youtube if you wish to see more. The newer episodes will be posted there I will try and get a bit of music and voice acting into the newer ones. I would love to keep posting things here but the format and animation styles that I have doesnt fit here because I use Adobe Flash Professional to animate and I use different scenes when I do my animations. That makes it tricky to put on sound and soundeffects so I wait with that until the editting. But like I said, I will keep posting them on Youtube if you are interested :) Thanks again!